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Most women prefer lighter perfumes for day wear, and stronger scents at night. A subtle fragrance for everyday use. A stronger fragrance for night wear. A signature fragrance for those very special evenings.
A lighter fragrance is also more appropriate during the summer months, because heat intensifies the effect of perfumes. A carefully chosen collection is important to reflect your personality and style.
Ideally, apply directly on your skin or hair for best results. It's traditional to apply to your wrists, behind your ears, inside your elbows or in your cleavage.
It's always a good idea to do an allergy test first using a tiny amount for an hour or two. This may also help you to assess the notes of the fragrance and its impact after a little time has passed. Perfumes go through very subtle changes while you wear them, changing slightly by the hour.

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About Perfumes

Perfumes have three "notes" - top, middle and base. While wearing, your perfume changes a little because the middle wears off more quickly than the base, and the top wears off more quickly than the middle. If you wish to apply perfumes to your clothing, test on a hidden inner part first to avoid the risk of discoloration. And if you're testing perfumes from your collection or at a store, three is enough at one time to give your nose a rest. Then, you are able to best select the right fragrance to suit your personality and your mood.
Fragrances have three classifications: Perfume (in the range of 30-40 per cent of fragrance oils) which lasts the longest, may contain more than 100 ingredients, and is dabbed on, Eau de Parfum (around 10-15 per cent) and Eau de Toilette (around 3-5 per cent) which is often sprayed as a refresher. Perfume mists and sprays are also popular. Finally, it's a good idea to keep your collection in a cool place away from bright light so it lasts longer.
Inspiring and captivating perfumes are a vital part of a sophisticated woman's wardrobe.
Be pampered and enjoy the feeling of style and luxury with a fine fragrance from the Perfumes Collection.

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A fine collection of quality perfumes is presented from some of the world's most sought after brands. Timeless fragrances that seem to be created to reflect your personality and style. Classic fragrances that, wherever you are in the world, bring to mind Paris, that most romantic of cities. Close your eyes, and for a moment, you are cycling past the Eiffel Tower on a sunny day. Carefree and happy in the gentle breeze.
The Perfumes Collection is a premium selection of fragrances available for fast secure purchase in our store below. Buying perfumes is easy, convenient and fun, whether for yourself, or as a luxury gift for someone special.
Imagine a beautiful night to remember... The finest of designer dresses crafted for style and comfort. Beautiful jewelry to reflect your sophistication and originality. Sparkling jewels that reflect the light of your eyes. An indulgent hairstyle to set you apart. A classic fragrance from Perfumes Collection to enhance your mood and confidence. A signature perfume to counterpoint your beauty. A memorable night of joy, romance and friendship.
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